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Prohibited Business

Localpayment will never work with the following Merchants products or services - General List of Prohibited business:

  • Adoption agencies;
  • Adult content, pornography and sexual related products or services (i.e.: live porn, sex chat, etc.);
  • Alcohol, tobacco, nicotine or related products;
  • Biological material of human origin (i.e.: hormones, human hair, etc.);
  • Body parts enlargement products or services (i.e. penis and breast enlargement);
  • Mobile recharge and Unlocking of cellphones;
  • Controlled substances and/or other products that offer risk to consumer safety;
  • Corrosive and explosive materials, compressed gases and aerosol, inflammable liquid, oxidizing materials, flammable solids;
  • Drugs or any kind of illegal substances, including products that simulate the effects of any illegal drug; just as any substances for the manufacture of drugs and any equipment used to produce, compounding, converting, processing, preparing, conceal and consume illicit drugs;
  • Gambling services, lotteries, or related services (i.e.: poker course, cash out games, etc.);
  • Gift card;
  • Invasive medical devices or equipment for invasive beauty treatments (i.e.: botox, peeling, hyaluronic acid, etc.);
  • Medicines (exclusively sold by prescription or not) or any substances that are related with miraculous cure of any disease or health condition, including any hospital equipment;
  • Military weapons and ammunition, simulacros and controlled equipment (archery, sportive weapons, hunting equipment, weapon’s replica, etc.);
  • Multilevel marketing companies, pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes or any program that promises profit or cashback with any deadline;
  • Pawnshop;
  • Plants, natural flowers, seeds, herbage, grass and living plant species; straw and forage; fresh food;
  • Poisons: liquid, solid or gas;
  • Political parties (i.e.: campaign finance, donations and subscriptions for politicians, political causes);
  • Precious metals, jewels or any other manufactured product made from these materials - Buying or trade;
  • Products and services with unauthorized use of a celebrity’s name, image, likeness, or other aspects of identity;
  • Products prohibited by local Public Health Agency, Sanitary Authority or equivalent (i.e. Anvisa, Cofepris, ISPCH, etc.);
  • Products related to pedophilia, child pornography, nudity of minors, as well as articles in any way involving the illegal participation of minors;
  • Products that injuries trademarks, patents, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights (i.e.: counterfeit products);
  • Prostitution agencies;
  • Radioactive material;
  • Sports forecasting, odds making, fantasy games and/or any kind of game that promises earning profits or bonus in any currency;
  • State owned companies;
  • Stolen products, subtracted anyway, smuggled, counterfeit, adulterated or replicated;
  • And any other product, services, or activity in jurisdictions where it is considered illegal.