Login With OTP


A new security factor has been incorporated into the login screen. Added a new field called “OTP” as a second auth factor. You will receive an OTP in your email which must be entered in the OTP field.

This key will be requested in all environments sandbox (Integration test) and live (Production)

Step 1

Input the email and password, later press “Enter”.

Step 2

In your email you should receive the OTP key with this format:

Details of the email sent from out server:

· sender of the mail : notifications.v2.prod@localpayment.com

· Subject: Enviroment - OTP LP V2 (PROD- OTP LP V2 or SANDBOX- OTP LP V2)

Step 3

Pressing "Enter" will bring up a new OTP field. Please enter the password received by mail.

Step 4

If you put the correct OTP Key you will be able to access the application.


If you enter the wrong OTP key, the following message will appear with the error:

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